Intel Provides AI In Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Intel Provides AI In Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The State AI Platform Partner for the Olympic Games and Intel as a Worldwide top partner, established The Intel AI Challenge for the Olympic Games Tokyo.

Now at Intel AI DevCon, Intel like a Worldwide TOP Associate and the Official Synthetic intelligence (AI) System Partner for the Olympic Games, launched The Intel AI Challenge for the Olympic Games as a call for ideas in the developer community on how Artificial-intelligence can help to Boost the world's largest sporting event.
At the Olympic Winter Games Pyeongchang 2018, we watched that the power of technological innovation to attract fans and athletes together across the globe in a new and impactful manner," said Timo Lumme, controlling director of their IOC Television and advertising providers.  "Now we are eager to see how Intel can use artificial intelligence to assist bring the Olympic Games Tokyo 20 20 to the next degree -- connecting athletes and fans like before.

The AI group has three weeks to apply thoughts for boosting the Olympic experience with synthetic intelligence.  Programmers can look at AI may transform the lover and athlete's experience, in addition to business software -- from operations and logistics to bettering contest.  No concept is too large or way too small to consider.

"As an Internationally TOP Partner and the Official AI System Associate for the Olympic Games, Intel is proud to show the ability of technology to greatly help enhance the Olympic adventure for athletes and fans around the globe.  Today, we're inviting the programmer group to join in potentially producing an awesome AI experience for athletes and fans in the Olympic Games Tokyo 20 20 by submitting their ideas throughout the Intel AI Challenge for its Olympic Games."   -- Intel Corporation, Naveen Rao, Company vice president

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