Most Popular Data Analytics Startups In India

Most Popular Data Analytics Startups In India

Top most popular tech startups in India embracing research and the technological innovations with data analytics.

Top most popular data analytics start-ups in India embracing research and the technological innovations with data, insights and intelligence.


Realbox can be just really actually a package of enterprise analytics programs which deliver advice. Join with tens of thousands of information resources, re-evaluate data recovery, and induce advertising HOC investigation and empower huge businesses to fairly talk about invaluable information together with firm ideas and staff as a way to enhance the client experience and boost operational efficiencies throughout each and just about each single location and enrich visibility to sell-through levels - to - increase sales created from every single shop and optimize ROI to your venture.

G Square

G-Square gives solutions and products from expert techniques, machine learning, the analytics and enterprise brains distance. Additionally, It provides consultancy on services and services and products such as expert gear, conclusion approaches financial market solutions. The attention of G-Square is from the financial services business.


Razorthink is an Enterprise AI Systems organization that powers associations with deep learning systems which drive decisions that are superior processes and also ideal outcomes. Razorthink Big Brain enables employers to quickly create Professional AI's that remedy data investigation challenges impossible with data science technologies or traditional analytics. Razorthink Skilled AIs include in intelligent Recommendations Customer Predictions, Fraud Detection and Smart Approach Optimization.

Turing Analytics

Turing Analytics grows Visual investigation and item recommendation services that are related such as both individuals. With tools learning capacities that are potent, the train of It calculations to know graphics identify exactly what items they feature, label them and utilize investigation to discover graphics and items. The assist sailors of it Come in the entire planet of Visible Commerce. Turing Analytics advantage is currently in providing visible look for, graphic tagging methods and aesthetically akin merchandise advice to merchants at household furniture and trend domain name. The providers support them increase solution or service detection, client participation and also boost transformation prices.

Recosense Labs

RecoSense Labs can be a data science led company. It has empowered high quality involvement using economy penetration, audience gain is achieved by clients. This stage frees complex chart, machine learning algorithms. It has concentrated elaborate computations, in data-mining and provides advice that are technical.


3LOQ empowers suppliers and makes to know purchaser's behaviour, dependent on circumstance and activity, with its algorithms. Cafyne can be really actually just a start-up which will help businesses guard their new by guaranteeing compliance with company and regulatory procedures. Altiux will help start-ups in addition to MNCs in prototyping IP address progress, new product debut, style creation, solution re-engineering and rising options.


Cropin delivers plantation management applications to farm businesses and data. It allows them to take advantage of genuine time insight and data in farms (an authentic view of their operation throughout the entire growing season) also to improve economic, operational and agronomy facets.

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