Mozilla Launches Free Encrypted File Sharing Service

Mozilla Launches Free Encrypted File Sharing Service

Mozilla launches brand new file sharing service, Firefox Send. It’s providing free file transfers while keeping your personal information private.

Mozilla has launched brand new Firefox Send, a free end-to-end user encrypted file sharing service and keeping your personal information private. Firefox Send has been available as a “test pilot” experiment since August 2017 and today, Mozilla announced official. It’s allowed to the user quickly and easily send the file up to 2.5 GB, and attach an expiration to the shareable link based on the number of downloads.

If you want to use Firefox Send, you’ll need a Firefox account to send files up to 2.5GB in size and it's free to register or you can visit to the website and send files up to 1GB without logging in or registering.

Mozilla Send offers an alternative to email, where larger file attachments are more of an issue, as well as cloud storage sites, like Google Drive and Dropbox, which can be time-consuming when all you need to do is share a single file one time. You can not store the file, edit it or collaborate with others.

Firefox Send aims to use not just the trustworthiness as a Mozilla as a privacy-focused, non-profit organization, but also in-browser end-to-end encryption to keep user’s files private.

Firefox Send is launching today on the web and will be available as an android app in beta later this week. For more details, visit official website.

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