H2O AI: An Open Source Machine Learning Platform

H2O AI: An Open Source Machine Learning Platform

H2O AI allows users to find thousands of potential models as part of discovering patterns in data that makes straight forward to build applications.

H2O AI is an open-source platform for artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and data analytics that makes it simple to build intelligent applications. Its built system understanding models and supports several languages including Python and R. The H2O package is a multipurpose machine learning library formulated to get a distributed environment to conduct calculations on large data.

It is a distributed platform and utilizes ports such as Python, Scala, Java, JSON as well as the circulation notebook or web port, also works seamlessly with numbers technologies such as Hadoop along with spark. It provides implementations of many popular calculations like GBM, random forest, deep neural networks, word2vec along with stacked ensembles. H2O is flexible developers get them through all those customers and then can add custom algorithms and information transformations of these choices.

"data selection is easy. Decision making is hard." H2O makes it easy and fast to draw insights from your data through more quickly and better predictive modelling and on the net scoring in one platform. It has a number of significant products comprised under:


H2O is the the principal offering and an open source, in-memory, dispersed, predictive analytics system and machine learning enabling you to build and productionize machine learning types and contains supervised and unsupervised models like GLM and k means clustering, and an easy to use Web-UI referred to as gallop.

Deep water

Deep water is a native implementation of deep learning and tighter integration using TensorFlow, MxNet and Caffe to get GPU established deep learning workloads.

Sparkling drinking water

H2O AI more aerodynamic spark integration to allow customers to use their existing spark ecosystem together using H2O's machine learning.


Corporation's company (meaning perhaps maybe not liberated) offering for building and deploying software. Data scientist, which makes them accessible over API’s for programmers to incorporate into software may train and deploy machine learning models.

Driverless AI

Bit of a misnomer since it's not distinctive to sovereign driving however, is H2O.AI a simplified wrapper that will help firm's nontechnical employees organize data, calibrate parameters and determine optimum calculations for handling specific small business difficulties with machine learning and it helps make computerized attribute engineering, type tuning, choice and ensembles (making use of numerous studying algorithms to gain far much greater predictive operation) easy to utilize for people that do not know what these phrases suggest.

H2O appears poised to accomplish their own aims of democratizing AI for all keeps increasing in a fast rate. Looking at their key-note, in the event you would like to find out much a lot far more and periods out of your 2018 H2O earth can be really actually just a fantastic destination for a start. Anyone can use machine learning types to be created by H2O and obtain insights along with better host their own clients?

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