Galaxies Without Dark Matter? – Some Say They Exist

Galaxies Without Dark Matter? – Some Say They Exist

The dark matter at this point has heated up because of the discovery of ultra-diffuse galaxy and it's solve the mystery of formation of our galaxy.

Everything we see from people to cities to the millions of stars that fill the night sky, they are all made of atoms of matter. The quantities however differ. We exist side by side with cosmic ghosts. Normal matter, stuff that makes stars, planets, and people, accounts for just a fraction of what’s really out there.

An invisible web of strange material connects the galaxies that make up our universe. We can measure its gravity. Most of the matter in the universe is made of a substance that humans are not even aware of. This substance is called dark matter.

Most scientists believe that dark matter is a kind of elementary particle hanging is vast networks of clouds or halos that link the two trillion galaxies. Dark matter outnumbers ordinary matter in the galaxy by a massive margin. But recently, scientists have found a galaxy lacking dark matter. “Peter Van Dokum and colleagues report that the ultra-diffuse galaxy NGC1052-DF2 has a dynamical mass, determined by the motions of globular-cluster-like objects, that is essentially the same as the mass in stars, meaning that it doesn’t have a dark matter component”.

Astronomers have observed that the rotational speed and motion of galaxies is actually far greater than should be possible as indicated by the visible matter in those objects. This observation let astronomers to suggest the presence of some unseen matter which is now called dark matter. Astronomers have calculated that the universe consists of 26% dark matter, 70% dark energy, and only 5% of the real stuff that makes up the earth and bodies similar to it.

The dark mass is important because it is the material that actually gets galaxies started in their formation. Alternative theories about dark matter suggest that dark matter is just an illusion which is caused by our lack of knowledge about how gravity works on very large scales. Since all galaxies deal with gravity on very large scales, then all galaxies ought to show a dark matter signature. NGC1052-DF2 – this galaxy doesn’t show a dark matter signature and because of that, it suggests that the non-dark matter models are incorrect.

Post this discovery, a question arises – are there other non-dark matter galaxies to be found? Are there other galaxies that indicate there’s no presence of dark matter in them? If so, it will change our idea about how galaxies are formed and it will also help prove even further the existence of dark matter.

NGC1052-DF2 is just over 60 million light years away from earth. Apart from the DF2, another galaxy with lack of dark matter named DF4 has been found. This discovery is truly groundbreaking and will pave the path for future research on dark matter.

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