The First Ever Blackhole Image – What Do We Know?

The First Ever Blackhole Image – What Do We Know?

Scientists have clicked the first ever real image of the blackhole. This is a huge leap in astronomy to solve many mysteries about the universe.

For the very first time, the image of a blackhole surfaced the internet. The blackhole is definitely a mysterious and fascinating part of the universe. Till now, very little was known about it but scientists came up with a real image of it on the morning of 10thApril 2019. It is said to have 6.5 billion times the mass of the sun. This blackhole is just over 55 million light years away and it took 8 telescopes to capture this image.

This blackhole image is a big achievement for the cosmologists. In simple words, a blackhole is a vacuum cleaner without a garbage bag at the end. It sucks everything, even light for eternity. But as menacing as they seem, until now, they have been invisible.

The movie interstellar is said to have replicated the most accurate image of a blackhole. It turns out that Hollywood’s fantasy was brutally close to reality. The scientists were shell shocked after the image was captured. An international team of scientists led by astrophysicist Shep Doeleman said that – “this image of a circular silhouette against the glow of superheated matter swirling into its dark abyss is indeed of a blackhole”. This image proves that there is a supermassive blackhole present in the galaxy about 25 billion miles from earth. The size of it is speculated to be as big as our solar system.

This image is an important achievement in the field of astronomy and will pave the path for future explorations about blackholes. Cosmologists theorize that a blackhole is formed when a star explodes into itself creating a never-ending hole. All the known laws of physics cease to exist inside the blackhole. And movies that have tried replicating the gravitational pull of the blackhole, have done justice to the scenes.

Scientists quoted – “the blackhole looked like a donut on the surface of the moon”. To get the image, scientists set 8 synchronized telescopes in 4 different continents. Apart from this, 4 imaging teams on supercomputers worked rigorously for 2 years to derive something meaningful from all the data available. Now we know that a blackhole is present in our galaxy.

Scientists now believe that there is a blackhole spinning in nearly every galaxy including ours. The galaxy in which the blackhole is sighted is called M87. Then name of the telescope used for generating this image is called the Event Horizon telescope. Now scientists are intrigued to find out what happens inside the blackhole and what lies beyond it.

It is speculated that the bigger the size of the ring, the greater is the mass of the blackhole. This blackhole can engulf our solar system all at once. This image offered new insights about blackhole and the understanding that a monster lives amongst us is very humbling.

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