Most Popular Artificial Intelligence Start-Ups in India

Most Popular Artificial Intelligence Start-Ups in India

The list of most popular AI start-ups in India that are most common adopting research and the technological inventions utilizing AI.

Artificial Intelligence making a huge technological impact in the Indian start-up community to create a repeatable and scalable business model. Artificial Intelligence based start-ups is a newly emerged technology that aims to develop a viable business model to meet a marketplace need or problem. Here, the list of artificial intelligence start-ups in India that adopting research and the technological inventions utilizing artificial intelligence.

Morph AI

Morph.AI could be your ideal bot platform for building successful advertising and marketing chatbots to the organization that works round messengers, website, android along with iOS apps. It's had one time talks with their audience to grow awareness and improve prospects quality and drive sales. By leveraging messaging whilst the channel of engagement to revaluate the marketing and sales method. It's ardently thought that conversation is the station of interaction between both customers and businesses plus it would emerge as the most powerful medium for marketing and selling products and services.

Active AI

Active AI has assembled a complex, proprietary conversational AI system which is readily set up for finance organizations, insurance providers and cash markets. Their intelligence motor, trinity has been constructed to generate involvement that was instinctive over apertures for example voice messaging along with IoT apparatus for its end-user. Built in the bottom up to fulfil the requirements of insurance providers, finance organizations and money markets --using natural language era, natural language processing and machine learning --trinity comes with a business circumstance that's unmatched for relation to the consumer.

Fluid AI

Fluid AI the start-up considers the ability of artificial intelligence may be used across industries, businesses and use scenarios and provides intelligence solutions and user-friendly experiences for organizations. Their staff is working hard to lead to a near future where its solutions redefine the landscape of everything is potential with AI.

Haptik AI

Haptik is among those planet's largest AI platforms and also create chatbots that help businesses automate small business procedures that are important. It is very first Icelandic trade platform which forces a personal assistant service in India. Haptik processes more than five thousand chatbot requests per month, making it one of those world's biggest direct to client chatbot companies.

Niki AI

Niki is an AI-based personal helper which helps you keep on chat. It has India’s first conversation bot program that is fully automated without an individual intervention. Niki helps you remove multiple programs on your own mobile, and manages everything which you need the programs for in a single window port that is chat!

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