Top Most Popular Research Platform For Mathematics

Top Most Popular Research Platform For Mathematics

Top most widely used research platform where you are able to learn and explore the newest research related to applied mathematics.

The list of top most popular research platform for mathematics where you can find research paper, journals and much more.


ResearchGate is a social media website for experts and investigators to talk about documents, answer and ask questions, in order to find collaborators. It is the academic networking regarding active users, although other services possess significantly more users and statistics implies that nearly as many academics have Google Scholar profiles.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar can be really just a publicly available search engine which indexes scholarly literature's complete text or meta data across an array of publishing formats and areas. The Google Scholar index comprises online journals and books, seminar papers, papers, theses and dissertations, preprints, abstracts, technical studies, as well as other technical literature, like court remarks along with also patents.

American Mathematical Society

The American Mathematical Society (AMS) is an institution of skilled mathematicians specializing in the passions of research and research, also functions as exactly the federal and also global community by its own books, conferences, advocacy as well as additional software plans.


Scopus is now currently the subjective and citation database of Elsevier.  Scopus addresses not exactly 36,377 names (22,794 energetic names and 13,583 in Active titles) from somewhere around 11,678 publishers, both where 34,346 are peer reviewed books from top level theme areas: life sciences, social sciences, physiological sciences and wellness sciences. It insures three different kinds of resources: journals books, publication collection, and trade domain names. All journals no matter of that they've been published below coated from the Scopus database, are assessed to guarantee excellent standards are kept. Queries in Scopus comprise hunts of databases that are patent.


ArXiv can be a repository of electronic preprints permitted for novel after moderation, which is made up of scientific papers in disciplines of of mathematics, physics, and astronomy, engineering, computer science, quantitative sciences, data, and qualitative fund, that can be accessed online.  About the repository, almost all scientific newspapers are somewhat self-archived in many disciplines of mathematics and physics.

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